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Xyence has experience accumulated throughout its history, and provides wood preservation technologies it developed beginning with railway sleepers, and power poles and including the manufacture of foundations of homes.

Xyence now produces many products, not only for the housing industry, but also for scenic and park facilities. The know-how it has built up during its long history is seen in playground equipment in parks, and in wood decks and other exterior landscaping products.

In recent years, Xyence has responded to the growing awareness of global scale environmental problems by increasing its activities in the field of wood preservation technology. The national government announced the Forest and Forestry
Revitalization Plan in 2009, then in 2010, it enacted The Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings etc. It has decided to construct the Stadium of Wood and Greenery as a venue for sports events during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para-Olympics. This is counted on attracting broad interest both from Japan and around the world in Japan’s wood culture. 

It can, therefore, be concluded that wood preservation is both a new field while it preserves a traditional Japanese industry. To prepare for this new stage in its history, Xyence will continue to tackle new challenges in an effort to create more comfortable environments.

Hiroshi Arai